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Onvifer Pro for Android

IMPORTANT:This is only for those who are unable to obtain Onvifer Pro from Google Play or Amazon Store through in-app upgrading. We strongly suggest you try your best to acquire Onvifer Pro from Google Play or Amazon for easy updating, and most importantly, being able to use the Pro license on multiple Android devices signed in with the same account.

The Pro license purchased here can be used by only one Android device and is not transferable.

Steps to obtain Onvifer Pro

  1. Purchase Onvifer Pro license $3.49(including VAT if applicable).
  2. Download Onvifer from Google Play or Amazon Store. Downloading from these stores is strongly recommended. If you are unable to acquire Onvifer from them, you can download it from our server.
  3. Make sure your Onvifer version is V12.42 or above.
  4. Open Onvifer on the Android device that you want to run Onvifer Pro. Go to Settings and enter the Pro license at the bottom of the screen, then click "PRO LICENSE KEY". Please note that your Android device's serial number will be used to register the license. Android requires your phone state related permission to provide the serial number. You can revoke the permission after registration.

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